Augmentation Vs. Lift: Which One is Right For You?

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Despite all the new cosmetic procedures that have exploded onto the scene in recent years, breast augmentation is still the number one cosmetic plastic surgery procedure in the U.S. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast implant surgery jumped up another 3% between 2016 and  2017. Breast lifts, also known as mastopexies, aren’t far behind.

What’s the difference between a breast lift and an augmentation, and how do you know which is the better choice for you? Dr. Gary Burton, plastic surgeon in Bowie, Maryland and Downtown Baltimore, suggests taking the following quiz to find out which procedure will give you the look you want:

Are your breasts too low?

If your breasts have lost volume and shape due to nursing or aging, they may hang lower on your chest than they did when you were younger. Your nipples may also point downward, rather than upward. Some women have breasts that are lower than normal from an early age, too.

A breast lift restores your breasts to a higher, more youthful position. Dr. Burton removes excess skin and repositions your nipples so they look perkier. Many women find that a breast lift is the only procedure they need to rejuvenate their silhouette and make them feel more confident — both when naked and when clothed.

Do your sagging breasts lack volume?

If you used to have full breasts, but now your drooping breasts look deflated to you, Dr. Burton recommends a breast lift and augmentation. Based on your body shape, your prior breast shape, and your desires, he helps you pick the perfect breast implant shape, size, and material.

Are your breasts asymmetrical?

If one of your breasts hangs lower than the other or points in a different direction, Dr. Burton can remedy the misalignment with a breast lift. The breast lift raises the lower breast to match the higher one. Your nipples can also be re-positioned so that the peak of your breasts look the same on each side.

When one breast is fuller than the other, you may benefit from either a breast lift, augmentation, or breast reduction. When Dr. Burton examines the level and composition of your breasts, he makes a recommendation based on your needs and desires.

Do you want larger or fuller breasts?

If your breasts are smaller than normal, or if you’ve always wished for a spectacular figure, breast augmentation is the way to go. Depending on the position of your current breasts and the elasticity of your skin, Dr. Burton may also recommend a breast lift with your augmentation.

You can choose implants that give you a variety of looks, from natural teardrop-shaped implants to full, round, movie-star-type implants. Dr. Burton goes over the advantages and disadvantages of each shape, size, and type, so that you’ll be happy with your final results.

Whether you ultimately decide on a breast lift, an augmentation, or both, breast surgery is a major procedure that requires medical clearance. Dr. Burton gives you a thorough physical examination, including taking a complete medical history, to be sure you’re in good enough health for your breast surgery.


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