Breast Augmentation Can Help With More than Your Self Esteem

If you want to change the size or shape of your breasts, you’re not alone. It’s a popular procedure; over two million American women have had breast augmentation surgery.

While most breast augmentation is done for cosmetic reasons, it is also performed as a reconstructive procedure for women who have had breast cancer. Following are ways that breast augmentation can help you look and feel better about your appearance and your sexuality.

Changing breast size or shape

If you have very small breasts, you may have undergone years of teasing in middle school or high school. Many women have breast augmentation to increase the size of their breasts and finally become satisfied with their physical shape and size.

Some women have asymmetrical breasts, so it’s impossible to find a bra that fits both sides. Dr. Burton will sit down with you to explain the procedure. He will examine you and help you select the implant type and size to better give you the results you desire. The procedure in some cases may change your life trajectory. Many women report that they feel much more self-confident after the procedure and are able to reach for opportunities both personal and professional that they wouldn’t have attempted previously.

Restoring breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you’ve had one or more children and have breastfed them for months, your breasts don’t look the same as before. They may have lost volume and any defined shape. They no longer fit well into your bra and the fit may be uncomfortable. Dr. Burton can improve your breast appearance. Your bras will feel a lot better.  

Restoring breasts after major weight loss

If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, your breasts can lose their shape, and your bra size normally decreases. Your chest may look deflated. Your breasts are composed of some fatty tissue.  

So, you will most likely see a change in your breast size as you lose those pounds. The implants used during breast augmentation can give your breast a better size and shape. Your bras will fit better and feel more comfortable.

If you are currently overweight and plan on losing weight, Dr. Burton advises you to wait until you are your ideal weight before having breast augmentation surgery.

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction with implants is a reliable reconstruction option after cancer surgery.  Implant reconstruction can be done immediately after cancer surgery or it may be delayed. The saline or silicone implants provide the fullness and shape for your newly reconstructed breasts. The implants can be inserted at the same time the mastectomy is done, so you avoid having a second surgery.

If your breasts have changed dramatically due to childbearing, weight loss, or a health condition, you may want to restore them to a normal appearance.

If your breasts are abnormally small or asymmetrical and you’ve always wanted to change their appearance, call the office or book an appointment online with experienced plastic surgeon Gary Burton, MD.

Dr. Burton has helped hundreds of women by changing breast size and shape to better fit their body type and size.

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