How an Abdominoplasty Can Help Restore Your Abdominal Tone and Contour

Whether you’ve experienced the joy of bringing a new life into the world, or you’ve met the challenge of losing unhealthy extra weight, you may be left with a flabby tummy that no amount of exercise can resolve.

In these cases, you may want to consider an abdominoplasty to improve your abdominal tone and contour. Here at our Bowie and downtown Baltimore offices, Dr. Gary Burton offers this effective solution to help bring back a slimmer, flatter belly to those who are left with the unwanted side effects of weight loss.

Abdominoplasty 101

An abdominoplasty is the medical name for a tummy tuck, and it’s designed to improve your abdominal tone and contour by addressing decreased muscle tone, loose skin, and excessive fatty tissue. Dr. Burton performs the procedure on an outpatient basis, but he still uses general anesthesia, which means you need to arrange for transportation home afterwards.  

During the procedure, Dr Burton first removes the excessive loose skin and tightens your abdominal muscles. He then stretches your skin and stitches the skin margins together, making a new hole for your belly button, if he needs to. Lastly, he removes any excess fat using liposuction.  

When you wake up from your surgery, Dr. Burton reviews your aftercare instructions with you. As soon as he’s sure that you’re feeling well enough, he gives you the OK to go home and rest.

Which tummy tuck is right for me?

Some patients are better candidates for a full abdominoplasty, while others may benefit more from a mini abdominoplasty. While the two procedures are very similar, a full abdominoplasty incision is usually a bikini incision from hip to hip, with a second incision around your belly button. These incisions allow Dr. Burton to remove a large wedge of skin and tighten the abdominal muscles above and below your belly button.  

With a mini abdominoplasty, Dr. Burton focuses more on your lower abdomen. The lower bikini incision is usually shorter, and there is no incision around your belly button. As well, Dr. Burton only tightens the abdominal muscles below your belly button.  

Both a full abdominoplasty and a mini abdominoplasty may be coupled with liposuction and/or other procedures.  

Most patients return to work a couple of weeks after surgery. However, strenuous activity and heavy lifting are not allowed until you are at least two months out from surgery.  

But the wait is worth it, as you end up with a tummy that looks and feels more toned, and your contour is slimmer and more youthful.


To find out whether you’re a candidate for abdominoplasty, call our office to set up a consultation or use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment.

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