Nine Cool Facts about the Brazilian Butt Lift You Didn't Know

The popularity of the Brazilian butt lift keeps trending upward, and it’s easy to see why. While many people take advantage of eliminating fat from a problem area and using it to enhance their buttocks, others simply prefer the natural look and feel of a fat transfer.

Here at Gary Burton, MD in Bowie and Baltimore, Maryland, we’ve performed many Brazilian butt lifts, producing exceptional results that meet our patients’ expectations. If you’re thinking about augmenting the size and shape of your buttocks, here are nine fun facts to consider along the way:

Fat transfer slims and enlarges at the same time

Your Brazilian butt lift involves using liposuction to remove fat from one part of your body, then injecting the harvested fat into your buttocks to enhance their size and shape. You slim down in one area, and gain in the other.

The Brazilian butt lift isn’t really a lift

The Brazilian butt lift is specially designed to create fuller, curvier buttocks and hips. A traditional buttocks lift is performed by removing excess fat and skin and surgically lifting the remaining tissues.

Your Brazilian butt lift is 100% customized

If you augment your buttocks the traditional way using an implant, you won’t get the same degree of customization as with a Brazilian butt lift. Implants come in a few specific styles. Although I can trim solid implants to fit your body and your enhancement, they don’t produce the same results as a fat transfer.

With a fat transfer, I inject precise amounts of fat into very specific areas of your buttocks. This gives me the flexibility to create your individual size and preferred shape.

You choose the shape

There’s more to a Brazilian butt lift than augmentation. Before your procedure, I’ll talk with you about the shape you envision and nail down details like your preferred hip width and whether you want a bubble or heart-shaped contour.

You don’t have to supersize

Brazilian butt lifts grew widely popular after some celebrities revealed their new butt profiles, but you don’t have to go with a larger-sized augmentation. Maybe you think your buttocks are too flat or you just want to add some gentle curves. All types of enhancements are possible with the Brazilian butt lift.

Fat is purified during the transfer

Fat transfer sounds like a simple process, but I have to carefully purify and select only healthy fat cells. After the fat is transferred into your buttocks, it needs to grow and thrive in its new location. To help ensure that happens, I gently process your fat, taking only the healthiest cells to transplant into your buttocks.

Your butt won’t retain all the fat

The fat injected into your buttocks must establish a blood supply to ensure it thrives in its new location. Once the fat merges with the existing butt tissues, your results are permanent.

However, before the fat becomes established, some of it resorbs back into your body. On average, you’ll retain 50% of the transferred fat. I take fat resorption into consideration.  

No sitting, at first

While you wait for your newly transplanted fat to integrate with your butt tissues, you’ll need to avoid sitting for the first 10-14 days (except for using the toilet). Sitting reduces blood circulation, which could destroy the fat cells or make some of the fat cells shift their position. If you must sit, it's essential to use a donut pillow or a simple rolled towel/pillow under your thighs to elevate your butt off of the seat.

It’s all in the artistic eye and experienced hands of your surgeon

In the end, your results depend on the artistic eye and experienced hands of the surgeon who injects the fat into your buttocks. That’s why you need an expert like Dr. Burton. If you’re interested in a Brazilian butt lift, call the office or book an appointment online.

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