Earlobe Repair Specialist

Gary Burton, MD

Plastic Surgeon located in Bowie, MD

Wearing heavy earrings for years can leave you with torn or damaged earlobes. This unsightly problem is treatable. Dr. Gary Burton, performs earlobe repair surgery at his Bowie offices to correct stretched and deformed earlobes. To learn more, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Earlobe Repair Q & A

What is torn earlobe repair?

When your earlobe is torn or stretched from wearing heavy earrings over many years, trauma, or simply from age, you may be in need of a torn earlobe repair. This surgery reconstructs the earlobe to rectify the damage done and create a more cosmetically pleasing ear.

Earlobe repair is performed under local anesthesia and usually takes about 30 minutes. Dr. Burton uses small sutures to re-align and repair the earlobe whenever possible to minimize scars.

Is earlobe repair right for me?

You are a good candidate for earlobe repair if you have damaged, stretched, or torn earlobes. Some causes are:

  • Repeated wearing of heavy earrings
  • Trauma or an accident to the ear
  • Gauges in earlobes

How is an earlobe repair performed?

Dr. Burton discusses your family history, health history, and aesthetic goals for your ears to determine the proper course of treatment. Once you have mutually decided to move forward with an earlobe repair procedure, Dr. Burton begins by setting expectations, explaining how the procedure works and talks about what you can expect after your procedure.

During your earlobe repair surgery, Dr. Burton first injects the stretched or torn earlobe with a local anesthetic to numb the area, leaving you without feeling. While your individual procedure is dependent upon the extent of damage to your earlobe, in most cases, Dr. Burton removes any scar tissue to make certain that your ear will heal appropriately. He then uses fine sutures to repair and close the earlobe to minimize scarring.

What happens after my earlobe repair procedure?

Recovery from earlobe repair is very simple, and most patients experience very little pain afterward. On the day of your surgery, you may go home or return to work. You have to avoid getting the ear wet for 24 hours.

You will be able to do normal activity, like exercising or going to work, almost immediately after your procedure. However, swimming andĀ water sports are not suggested until healing is complete -- roughly two to three weeks. You may have your ear re-pierced three months after the procedure.

To fix your torn or damaged earlobes, call or request an appointment online today.